How to Get Around Bangkok [Destination You’ve Dreamed OF]

Bangkok is a bustling city and can be overwhelming for newcomers. But with the right transportation options, getting around Bangkok can be easy and convenient. For visitors looking to explore this vibrant capital city, here are some of the best ways to get around Bangkok:

1.    Skytrain (BTS):

The BTS or Skytrain is the quickest and most convenient way to get around Bangkok. The BTS covers a wide area of the city, making it easy for travelers to reach their destination quickly. Additionally, several stations connect with other public transportation options, allowing further flexibility when exploring the city.

2.    Metro (MRT):

The MRT or Metro is another fast and easy way to get around Bangkok. Metro is a great option for travelers who want to avoid the traffic in the city center. It also offers several connections with other lines, making it easy to transfer from one line to another without going through the hassle of changing buses or trains.

3.    Taxi:

Taxis are a popular option for getting around Bangkok. They are convenient and can take you to almost any destination in the city. However, they can be quite expensive, so it’s best to use them only when necessary.

4.    Tuk-Tuks:

Tuk-tuks are another popular transportation option in Bangkok, offering an exciting way to get around the city. They are usually cheaper than taxis but can be a bit slower because of the traffic in the city center.

5.    Bus:

The buses in Bangkok offer an inexpensive way to get around the city, and they cover many areas within Bangkok. It’s important to note that bus routes can be confusing, and it might be difficult to find your exact destination.

Additionally, traffic can make the journey longer than expected, so it’s best to plan your route before setting off. Overall, there are many ways to get around Bangkok, and it all depends on personal preference and budget. Getting around Bangkok will be a breeze with the right transportation options and some planning in advance!

Is It Easy To Get around Bangkok?

Yes, getting around Bangkok with the various transportation options available is easy. From the Skytrain, Metro, and Taxi to Tuk-Tuks and Bus, there are plenty of ways to explore this vibrant capital city.

With careful planning in advance, getting around Bangkok can be an easy and enjoyable experience for travelers! Travelers should also check the fares and routes before setting off to their destination to ensure they get the best value for money.

Things You Need to Do in Bangkok

Bangkok is a vibrant city with plenty of things to do and explore. From cultural landmarks such as the Grand Palace and Wat Pho to shopping districts such as Khao San Road and Chatuchak Market, there’s something for everyone in B-kok.

There are also plenty of museums, temples, parks, and nightlife spots that make B-kok an ideal destination for all types of travelers. Additionally, food lovers will find plenty to enjoy in B-kok, with the city boasting a range of delicious dishes, from street-side snacks to fine dining experiences.

How Much Does Transportation Cost in Bangkok?

The cost of transportation in Bangkok varies depending on the type of transport you are using. The Skytrain, Metro, and Taxi will usually be a bit more expensive than Tuk-Tuks and Bus, but all types of transportation should offer competitive fares. It’s always best to check before setting off to ensure you get the best value for money.

How To Get a Taxi in Bangkok?

Taxis are a convenient and popular way to get around Bangkok. The easiest way to get a taxi is by flagging one down on the street or at one of the main taxi stands in town. If you’re using an app-based service such as Grab, you can order a taxi from your phone and track its progress as it comes to pick you up.

What Is the Cheapest Transport?

The cheapest way to get around Bangkok is by bus or Tuk-Tuk. Both provide an inexpensive way to explore the city, although traffic can make the journey longer than expected. Buses are not always as reliable as other transportation options, so checking routes and fares is best before setting off.

Is It Allowed to Kiss in Public in Thailand?

No, it’s not allowed to kiss in public in Thailand. PDA (public displays of affection) is generally frowned upon and could lead to fine or even worse consequences. It’s best to refrain from showing any form of intimate behavior while out in public in Thailand.

Is Bangkok Safe?

Overall, Bangkok is a safe city to explore. As with any major city, taking the necessary precautions when getting around is important, as there have been reports of petty crime and scams in tourist areas. Additionally, always exercise caution when using public transportation to avoid pickpockets and other potential threats.

What Transport App Should I Use in Bangkok?

Popular transport apps in Bangkok include Grab and Uber, which offer convenient rides throughout the city with competitive fares. Both apps are easy to use and provide a safe and reliable way to get around B-kok.

How Many Days in Bangkok Is Enough?

The number of days in Bangkok depends on what you want to do and explore. Generally, 3-4 days is a good amount of time to take in the major sights and attractions of the city. However, if you want to delve deeper into some of the cultural experiences, 5-7 days may be more suitable.

Should I Exchange Money Before I Travel to Thailand?

It’s unnecessary to exchange money before you travel to Thailand, as there are plenty of currency exchanges and ATMs throughout the city. However, checking rates in advance and bringing cash with you for emergencies is a good idea.


Bangkok is a vibrant and exciting city with plenty of attractions to explore. Knowing how to get around the city and what type of transport will be most cost-effective for your trip. Additionally, it’s important to remember that there are certain rules and regulations in place that should be respected during your visit.

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