How to Get the New Exotics in Destiny


If you’re wondering how to get the new exotics in Destiny, you have come to the right place. Here, you will learn about the Duality Dungeon rewards, Legendary Campaign rewards, and the new World pool Exotics. These exotics are worth thousands of points and can be bought to upgrade your character.

Season of the Haunted

If you’re looking for a chance to get a lot of new weapons and items, Season of the Haunted in Destiny is your opportunity to do so. The season will be available from May 24 to August 23. It will contain five new currencies and will allow you to unlock new rewards from various missions and activities. During the season, players will also have access to Nightmare Containment and Sever, two new weapons that can help them fight off enemies.

Players will be able to find a lot of new content in Season of the Haunted, including new Exotics and new dungeons. Players will also be able to revisit the iconic location from the first season of Destiny 2. The new content is packed with a new storyline, visuals, and weapons, and will also be available to unlock for existing characters.

Nightmares have been in the spotlight during the Season of the Haunted, as the mysterious Leviathan is once again in orbit around the pyramid and moon. The Nightmares themselves are not simply random defense mechanisms, but rather are directed by Calus and channeled through the Leviathan. This is how the Nightmares become an important weapon against Caiatl, the Crow, and the Zavala.

One of the main characters in Season of the Haunted is Crow. This is a character that has already come to terms with her past, but she still has some problems to resolve. She has to learn how to deal with her trauma in order to deal with the Nightmares, as well as how to use magic from the Hive. She is able to capture the Nightmares on Leviathan through various rituals.

Duality Dungeon rewards

The Duality Dungeon is a new type of dungeon that offers unique rewards and challenges. The game features a dual world that you must traverse in order to progress through the dungeon. The primary world is called the Materials World, and the secondary is called the Nightmare Realm. The ability to switch between the two worlds is an integral part of the game and will help you in your journey. The Duality Dungeon can be accessed anywhere, but it is best to be close to the bell in order to switch into the Nightmare Realm. This is because the enemies will kill you if you are not subsequent to the bell when the worlds switch.

Duality Dungeon rewards include legendary gear, which can be farmed and acquired in any number of ways. Once you have acquired the Master Difficulty, you can acquire the Artifice Versions of this gear. Wraithwalk allows you to move faster while invisible. During this dungeon, you can use your new found power to travel faster.

The Duality Dungeon requires you to have a strong enemy clearing skill. Throughout the game, you will encounter Nightmare and Cabal troops that will push you to the limits. In order to survive these encounters, you need to be able to kill many enemies quickly, withstand a variety of assaults, and turn on massive damage during crucial moments of the boss fights.

Legendary Campaign rewards

You’ll probably have to spend a lot of time farming the new exotics, which are found in Legendary difficulty missions. While they’re not the only things you’ll get from Legendary missions, these new items can really improve your game. For example, the Witch Queen campaign rewards you with an exclusive emblem and Triumph, which is essential for the location’s title. In addition, Legend difficulty missions grant you with extra XP, Glimmer, and upgrade modules. Additionally, you’ll find that you’ll get a set of 1520 Power armor after completing the Witch Queen campaign. This is because the game’s 1500 power cap is “soft” and is only achievable through powerful drops and blue items, so if you’re playing the normal campaign, you won’t reach that power cap.

The Witch Queen campaign also rewards players with six new armor Exotics, one for each class. The Titans will get the Hoarfrost-Z Exotic chest piece, which turns Barricades into Stasis crystals. Meanwhile, the Sun Warrior can get the Loreley Splendor Helm, which heals and spawns Sunspots.

The new exotics in the Legendary campaign are extremely useful weapons. Some have been tweaked to be more useful for PvE, so they’re a must-have for players. The Arbalest, for instance, rips through enemy shields and does serious precision damage. This weapon is especially useful when battling Hive Guardians and other high-priority targets.

World pool Exotics

To get world pool exotics in Destiny 2 you need to complete specific quests and ARG-style puzzles. Some Exotics are time-limited for a season, and others are available only during certain times of the year. Some Exotics are only available in specific locations, like the Monument to the Lost Lights Vault in Tower.

Exotic Gear is an important part of Destiny 2 because it gives you special abilities and perks. It will boost your loadout, but it is rare and difficult to get. However, there are ways to get Exotic Engrams, such as farming them in Gambit, Crucible, and Valor.

You can farm Exotics for each armor slot and build in the Lost Sector, but be aware that the drops are not guaranteed. In addition, a high number of duplicates and bad rolls can occur during this task. This is a big turn-off compared to other activities, and it also goes against Bungie’s vision for Destiny 2.

Exotic Catalysts are not available in Season 2 until The Witch Queen launches. However, players can still upgrade Masterworks to get Exotics in the meantime. However, there are some new ways to get Exotic gear in Destiny 2. One way is to farm for legendary Lost Sectors. There are a couple of legendary lost sectors in the game, and there is a slight chance that you’ll get a rare Exotic armor piece during each one.

Trespasser perk

The Trespasser perk in Destiny is a very useful secondary reload ability that increases the damage done by your gun. The perk will unlock once you have killed 700 enemies. It will also increase the speed at which you acquire targets and reload your weapon after killing them. This makes the weapon a very effective weapon for dealing massive amounts of damage in a single burst.

Getting the Trespasser perk requires killing 700 enemies, which is not difficult. The Altars of Sorrow and Grasp of Avarice are great areas to get the necessary kills. The Trespasser perk also adds Tunnel Vision, but this isn’t as exciting as the other perks.

You can get this perk in Destiny 2 by leveling up to level 35. It also increases your speed in aiming down sights. After completing the quest, you can equip your Trespasser sidearm. You can use this weapon to defeat targets in Vanguard, Gambit, and Crucible. You’ll also get extra progress if you finish Nightfall, win Gambit, or defeat the Guardians.

If you’re looking for a new exotic sidearm in Destiny, the Trespasser is the weapon for you. It gives you Tunnel Vision when you reload and increases your target acquisition speed. This new weapon will be ideal for all three activity types and should make it easier for you to grind the objectives.

Rain of Fire Exotic Warlock Leg Armor

If you’re a Warlock and you’re looking to spruce up your arsenal of weapons, you can obtain the Rain of Fire Exotic Warlock Leg Armour from one of the daily rotation Lost Sectors. Despite its rarity, the Rain of Fire leg armor can be obtained with a bit of luck. This new item adds Touch of Flame to your healing grenades and Solar Grenades. It also increases the search radius of your Fusion Grenade and explodes twice.

The Rain of Fire Exotic Warlock Leg Armour is designed specifically for Warlocks who secretly wish they were Hunters. It improves airborne effectiveness and gives Warlocks a reason to use their Icarus Dash. It also gives Warlocks an increased chance to reload their weapons and makes them more effective. This weapon is especially useful for Solar Warlock builds that incorporate the Icarus Dash and Linear Fusion Rifles.

Choosing between Rain of Fire Exotic Warlock Leg Armour and Radiant Exotic is a matter of preference. The former gives a 25% damage buff to all subclasses, while the latter offers a more versatile option for non-support builds.

If you’re looking for an item to improve your melee attack, the Rain of Fire Exotic Warlock Leg Armour has several benefits. The Sentient Arc Soul, for example, lasts 20 seconds and fires more bolts at a higher rate than before. It’s an excellent choice for PvP and PvE. The Rift also refreshes the Sentient Arc Soul, making it possible to have an autonomous turret for 40 seconds.

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