Modelo Tikik William White

With over 300 million page views and 1.8 million followers, TikTok’s William White is becoming a rising star in the fashion and music worlds. He has signed with the agency IMG Models and has collaborated with the likes of Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Zara, and more. He also made it onto the inaugural Billboard Chart and has received numerous accolades. Recently, he was named the Sexiest TV Star and Sexiest Teen Soap Dream.


Modelo tiktok William White is a rising star in the world of social media. His vlogs and videos on YouTube are viral sensations. He has developed a large fan base, mainly among Gen X women. He is also known for his love of 80’s pop songs and has a popular YouTube channel. He also owns his own fashion brand, William White, which sells a variety of products at different prices.

The 21-year-old William White is a popular TikTok user from Canada. He uses the username whiteyy18 to post videos of him dancing to various songs from the 80’s. His videos have gathered more than 18 million views and 1.4 million followers. However, this doesn’t mean he has a girlfriend. The model is single and lives with his family in Alberta.

Since joining TikTok in January 2020, White has become a sensation, gaining 1.6 million followers and more than 20 million likes. His video content is so popular that he was featured on the platform’s “For You” page. He has become a popular role model and has his own line of merchandise.

Before getting into modeling, White started making videos as a diversion. He eventually realized that his videos were becoming music videos. He was also working as a construction worker before going into the modeling industry. In the past, White has received death threats. This has not stopped him from following his passion, though.

Although it is impossible to predict what he will do next, his videos are already making waves on the social network. He uses retro clothing in his videos, including taina penteada and rosto closes. This has made him a favorite of older women on the platform.

TikTok influencer

A TikTok influencer with over 1.8 million followers and 300 million page views has topped the charts and been signed to IMG Models. He has partnered with many major fashion brands, including Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss and Zara. His videos have been featured in the “For You” page of TikTok, and he has even launched his own line of merchandise.

William White is an American social influencer from California. He is of Caucasian ethnicity and is very attractive. He has a blue-eyed look and a charming grin, and he stands at a good height. He also plays ice hockey and wears the number 18 on the rink.

While William White is known for his social media posts, he also has an Instagram account. He enjoys spending time with his cousin in Ottawa and surfing in the ocean. He also enjoys all seasons and festivals. He recently posted a picture of himself and some of his hockey teammates on a hot summer’s day.

The success of his videos has sparked a huge fan base on social media. White has also risen to international stardom as an upcoming fashion model. He has signed with IMG Models and WME and he has since become an online sensation. White’s ’80s-themed videos on TikTok gained him popularity with women and even cougars. His videos have also sparked discussions about age disparity in relationships and the social pressures that women face.

Although William White is still single, his posts have raked up many questions about his love life. It’s difficult to say if he is dating a girl but there is no reason to worry. Despite his popularity, he has not made any official statements on his love life. In fact, he hasn’t even featured a girlfriend in any of his posts.

In addition to his YouTube channel, White has his own fan base, which he calls his Whiteyy Nation. His fans have taken to using the hashtags #whiteyy18 and #whiteyynation to create a unique fan community for the TikTok star. Many of them post fan-made videos and other content related to White, rivaling K-Pop stan content.


TikTok has become a popular app for teens. YouTubers who are popular on the platform have a huge following. William White, known as whiteyy18, has been on the platform for over four years. In his videos, he lip-syncs songs from the 1980s and shares trend videos. His videos have garnered over two million fans. The YouTuber started on TikTok in January 2020, but his popularity has grown rapidly ever since. He has even signed with WME Worldwide and IMG Models. He has worked with brands like Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, and Zara. His video content has reached so much success that he has also launched his own line of clothing.

While White has an amazing following on YouTube, the popularity of his videos has been accompanied by controversy. Some fans have expressed resentment at not being involved in White’s life. However, others have stated that the emergence of a celebrity like White on YouTube is part of a larger collective imagining. Many of White’s fans claim special status as a result of their adoration and devotion to his channel.

The rise of William White has prompted a lot of speculation regarding his love life. He hasn’t made any official statements about his romantic life, but his social media accounts are filled with messages from ladies. His female fans, which include middle-aged women, have expressed their admiration for him. While there are no reports of a relationship between William White and a girl, he is currently single and pursuing his dreams.

While White’s fans are not embarrassed or vapid, his popularity mirrors the issues of a larger culture. He grew up in an environment isolated from other people, but his fans aren’t. They are frustrated with the difficulties of real life, but they can live vicariously through the fame that White has gained. White has a full life ahead of him, and he has plenty of money to invest in future endeavors.

While it may be a small percentage, a large proportion of White’s fans have contributed to his financial success. They have bought t-shirts, teddy bears, and merchandise. In addition to the videos, he even competes in TikTok live battles to earn donations from his fans. White also has a community of supporters known as ‘Grotto Girls’ who raise money for him and pay him a monthly allowance.


Fans of William White rely on him for their happiness. Many of these fans are depressed and believe that their moods are related to White’s. One such fan, Kristina, a 51-year-old Florida resident, has researched these troubling behaviors in White’s fandom. It can be stressful and financially rewarding to keep up with the emotional wellbeing of an army of fans.

William White is a rising model who has stolen the hearts of millions of women with his looks. He is a frequent feature on social media accounts and has a huge fan base of middle-aged and older women. However, he has not made an official statement about his love life or featured any girl in his posts. This means that he is currently single and not dating anyone.

White’s fans were so dedicated to him that they arranged full-course meals for him. Some even created shrines to him. One Valentine’s Day, White ate with his fan friends under candlelight. His fans mocked him while he ate by pretending to be on the phone and a bull.

William White is a model who became famous on social media after joining the platform TikTok. He has signed contracts with IMG Models and WME. He also has a management deal with Mode Models Canada. His ’80s lip-syncing videos have gained him over 1.7 million followers. His videos have become popular among middle-aged women and mothers. He also owns his own clothing line, ‘William White’.

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